Furniture Portal

Furniture Portal Furniture Portal

  • Furniture portal is one of prime product of White pearl. Furniture Portal is a web online marketplace for furniture buyers.
  • We will customize your store front end to replicate your company's corporate elegance and brand and configure the backend as per user requirement. We take out the hassles of setting up your own online store; we leave your options open and let you decide what is important, setting up your business.

Front-end Solution:

  • We design the look and feel of your store and customize the following pages: home, contact us, shipping, terms and conditions.

Configured Back-end Solution:

  • VAT, Regions, Shipping Methods, Categories

Attribute Management

   Customer Management
   Design Services
   Discounts and Gift Certificates
   Internet Marketing
   Order Management
   Performance Monitoring And Optimization
   Product Management
   Reports And Reporting
   Security Enhancements
   Support, Training, And Documentation
   Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
   Image Modules

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